Experience is just the beginning.

Early in my design career, I got a kick out of conceptual projects – book jackets, posters, branding and advertising. Once the web manifested, I was captivated by its breadth and reach. I was an early tinkerer with html, flash and animated gifs. My first websites were crude – most were back then.

Since the turn of this century, human-centered design has been my focus. Now, in 2019, my deep knowledge of researching and designing allows me to explore solutions with new emerging technologies such as AI, IOT and machine learning. I get a charge when I can conceptualize useful and innovative solutions from the user's perspective by observation, asking a ton of questions and testing through prototypes.

As a leader of a global user experience practice I’m laser-focused on excellence in delivery. With the rise of DesignOps, I’m interested in tools and processes that empower teams so they too can get their kicks while delivering the goods.

Design isn't something I can shut off, it's in my DNA and continues to define and improve my life.